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Queenie Wu

MSc. Economics (HKUST), BBA Economics (HKUST), DipEdu (CUHK)

Outstanding Teacher Award from Heng Seng School of Commerce

100% students achieved ABC grade in HKAL Economics examination

Examaination Expert in HKDSE, IGCSE, AL, IB Economics

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Queenie Wu Economics Workshop

Welcome to Queenie Wu’s Economics page.  Do you want to capture star in DSE Econ. Exam?  Are you well-equipped yourself with the exam skills?  Do you have a comprehensive knowledge of all the basic concepts of Economics?  Do you know the exam trend of DSE Economics?  Do you know the recently introduced DRQ questions?  Do you know the recent news in HK, China & US?

HKDSE Economics Syllabus

In 2019 HKDSE Examination, a data response question (DRQ) will be introduced in Paper 2, Section B.


HKDSE Economics Intensive Course 2019

從2019年開始香港中學文憑考試卷二乙部新增「資料回應題(data response questions)」,簡稱 DRQ。 整份卷的總分不變,仍然是120分。考試時間會延長15分鐘至2小時30分鐘。時事入題,必成大勢! 二月二日, Economics Intensive Course 正式開始. 為同學仔預備了大量時事題目,為DRQ題形作最好準備。 第一、二堂教: 奪星必做、時事出卷思路、討論時事課題包括廢電器、塞車、垃圾、QE、QTM、中美貿易、人民幣升值…太多未能盡錄。 如果同學仔沒上任何一堂tips intensive course,一定要補回 video!!每堂超濃縮勁重要!! 以下為重要DRQ參考資料,一定要留意呀! 希望在課堂上見到大家. #DRQECON#HKDSEECON#DSEECONDRQ#ECONDRQ#2019DSEECON Sample questions for DRQ: www.hkeaa.edu.hk/…/econ/econ-SampleQuestion2016-E.docwww.hkeaa.edu.hk/…/econ/econ-SampleQuestion2014-E.doc


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